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What is cEDH?
Competitive Elder Dragon Highlander (cEDH) is about building your deck to be able to consistently win before anyone else is able to. With this in mind, naturally there will be certain strategies that work better. The number of powerful generals and deck lists is vast, but the top performing archetypes are somewhat narrow. For cEDH you will mostly choose between: control, stax, fast combo, slow combo or a mixture of these archetypes.

What if I can’t afford $500+?
cEDH Budget Brews has the $500 target because that’s where most commanders and cEDH deck types can be brought down to, and still function almost the same. Pro tip: proxies exist for a reason…

But what about [insert deck], will it work for less?
Yes, for less money, there are some decks that function well at lower budgets, down to about $200. These are mainly Momir Hackball, Yisan, Selvala Brostorm, and Gitrog Dredge. For a deck to perform well when severely budgeted, the important elements are non-reliance on mana rocks for ramp, and the combo being heavily commander focused. This is because the strongest mana rocks are expensive, as are the best tutors.